MA | Acoustic
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MA is a multi-instrumentalist and has released four limited edition studio albums. Her musical career began in 2007 with her first album We’re Inside Out (2007) followed by Tránsito (2009), Muerte, Bailaremos (2010) and Lost for Words (2013). She has performed in venues in Oslo, Ithaca (NY), Saint Louis, Missouri and New York City as well as the Womajazz Festival, Italy (in 2007) and the MELA world music festival in Oslo in August 2009. Whilst embracing her origins as a singer / songwriter, she has also composed a fusion of story-telling and instrumental sound-design. She continues to compose music on a work for hire basis through MAstudioLAB and is also currently working on an EP of her solo work to be released in 2018.






Photograph by Mariliana Arvelo @ The Shrine / Harlem, 2010