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miriam aziz artist movement

After failed back surgery at the age of 25, Miriam Aziz searched for ways to deal with chronic pain through movement. She tried swimming, cycling and fencing but failed to stabilise her pain; after seeing a ballet by Maurice Béjart in Florence in 2004, she discovered the world of dance. She enrolled in a dance school in France at the age of 33 and was trained by Alexandra Clément in ballet, jazz dance and pilates. She went on to train at the IALS / Rome, the Alvin Ailey School, Ballet Academy East, Steps and the Martha Graham school in NY exploring ballet, modern dance, flamenco and tap. Dance provided her with the core strength and endurance to deal with chronic pain as well as a path towards a deeper understanding of music and her own creativity.


In June 2015, Miriam qualified as a Gyrotonic® instructor (Level 1) and teaches a variety of clients in Milan, Italy including dancers from the Accademia Teatro della Scala and dancers from the dance company of La Scala. Given that her back problem is degenerative, Miriam Aziz commits to movement research though dance and gyrotonic® as a path to quality of life which is not only pain free but is creative, a path that she is passionate about sharing with others, dancers and non-dancers alike.


“I had the most incredible experience working with Miriam while I was a single-minded ballerina during my early career period. She helped to open my mind and soul and grow as an artist within the life experiences. Using the knowledge of dance to create a new dialogue with the audience or the space and time.”

Zhongjing Fang, American Ballet Theatre Corps de Ballet