MA | Visual
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MA collaborated with director Richard Jobson on her music video “Gypsy” from her debut album We’re Inside Out (2007), an experience which inspired her to experiment with filmmaking. In 2011, she took part in editing sessions of Ole Bornedal’s film The Possession (September 2012: US Box Office Hit) and in 2012, she studied with documentary filmmaker and director Christian Delage at Cardozo Law School (Course in Law and Film) on how to film trials. She also acted as a creative consultant to Am I Don Quixote directed by Jimmy Ferguson. Her film portfolio which is produced together with her arts brand MAstudioLAB includes: Antonio Gnecchi Ruscone at Moreschi (2013); Max Planck Masterclass with Martti Koskenniemi (2014) and  with Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet (2015); Il mondo nuovo del diritto: per gli 80 anni di Sabino Cassese (2015)portrait of French pro-cyclist Sandie Clair (2016).



MA also uses photography to document her travels and as a creative tool for filmmaking and installation projects. She has also received commissions for portrait work, photographs for websites and independent projects. Portfolio on request.



As a multi-media artist, MA sketches ideas and mood-boards for projects, which sometimes evolve into a project in its own right e.g. Ich sehe nicht die Stunde / I do not see the Hour (2014) which premiered at Himmelhebers Buchhandlung, Heidelberg, Germany in September 2014. (14 Portraits with charcoal, pastel, water colours and mixed media. Wood Frame: 47,5cm x 61 cm with 7cm passepartout), created through ambidextrous drawing.