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Guest Blog for Correct Toes® by Miriam Aziz@ Global (November, 2017)

Miriam Aziz was invited to write a short article for the Guest Blog of Correct Toes® to share her experience of using their toe spacers whilst recovering from foot surgery. She also used this opportunity to write about her (re) MOVE ME movement initiative which is dedicated...

EUREGIO Research Conference @ Free University of Bolzano (IT) (NOVEMBER, 2016)

Installation Performance (Keynote Speech) at “EUREGIO RESEARCH CONFERENCE on Shifting Boundaries – Grenzverschiebungen – confine in movimento”, promoted by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in collaboration with the University of Trento, University of Innsbruck. The conference will be held from 17th until 18th November 2016 at the...